Welcome to the Staten Island SportsPlex!

NOW ACCEPTING LONG-TERM RENTAL PROPOSALS FOR 2021 FALL & WINTER SESSIONS! Please email the following to statenislandsportsplex@gmail.com

  1. Number of Sessions per Week
  2. Number of Hours per Session
  3. Preferred Number of Weeks

Please note that we will do our best to accommodate your preferred schedules. Upon submitting your proposal, our team will work with you on a Rental Quote.

COVID-19: Please take into conisderation the following before submitting your proposal.

  1. Reduced Capacity: No more than 50 people max. (as of 01/28/2021) will be permitted inside the entire facility at one time. While we strongly encourage that most/all of the capacity be fulfilled with players and coaches, Renters are free to decide how to split up the 50 person capacity between players, coaches, and parents. Parents/spectators are welcome to wait inside their vehicles in our parking lot.
  2. Face Masks Required: Everyone inside the facility is required to wear a face mask or face covering at all times, including while on the field. Players while active must wear face masks/coverings.
  3. Further Covid Updates: As conditions surrounding Covid improve or decline, Renters will be updated on how the SportsPlex will be affected, including possible restrictions on max. capacity.

Thank you for your continued support! We look forward to seeing you soon.

The SI SportsPlex is Staten Island’s #1 indoor multi-sport facility, providing a 17,000 square foot turf field for soccer, flag-football, ultimate frisbee, lacrosse, and more!

As part of our plan to keep you safe, our team will regularly clean and disinfect all high-touch surfaces throughout the SportsPlex and have sectioned-off/removed some seating to encourage social distancing.

Please note that in an effort to keep our guests safe, new COVID-related reopening Policies & Procedures will be enforced onsite. We will also be providing hand-sanitizing stations and regularly disinfecting high-touch surfaces.

A n inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. While we have instituted health and safety measures such as reducing capacity and requiring facial coverings consistent with New York Department of Public Health guidelines, by visiting the Staten Island SportsPlex, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19. To protect themselves and others, all SportsPlex guests and participants are expected to comply with any and all health and safety measures implemented by the SportsPlex Staff and Management Teams.

NY Carousel Entertainment, LLC is committed to making its website www.statenislandsportsplex.com usable by all people, including those with disabilities.  We are in the process of making upgrades to this site to achieve this goal.  Please call us at 410.643.9300 during the hours of 9am-4pm EST for assistance.